Compare RollerFoot to Steerable Knee Walkers

RollerFoot Inside The House

Unlike steerable knee walkers, RollerFoot is indispensable in the home environment, because it is ideally suited for small spaces like kitchen, bathrooms, corridors, etc. Look at the pictures and notice how close you can get to all the objects: a sink in the bathroom, the fridge, the stove, the dishwasher, and the kitchen sink. Maria B-KAll these essential places become easily accessible on the RollerFoot because you don’t have a handle bar with a basket in front of you, like you would with all the “steerable” knee scooters.

Woman on the RollerFoot knee scooter in the kitchen reaching down into oven.Really, there is no way one can get as comfortable in all these situations and in all small, confined home spaces, as one would on the RollerFoot.

Reaching down to the oven, up into the pantry, inside the fridge, pulling the dishwasher door open and handling all the dishes, etc. And look how comfortable the lady stands on the RollerFoot by the kitchen sink – as if she is not using any mobility aid. That is the total advantage of RollerFoot over all knee scooters with a handle bar.Woman on RollerFoot knee scooter by the kitchen sink.
Woman on the RollerFoot knee scooter in the kitchen reaching into an upper cabinet.Woman on RollerFoot knee scooter in the kitchen using a dish washer.







Can you imagine one of these steerable knee walkers shown below do the same? There is no way!  How much reaching down can you do on one of these monsters? How easy do you think it would be in the bathroom with those huge “street cruising machines” and All Terrain Vehicles? Your first priority is to function comfortably at home while you combat pain in your foot, and not to roam streets or explore a nearby forest.All Terrain Knee Walker Leg Forward Seated Walker Scooter Man on Weil Knee Walker with a basket.


Versatility of the RollerFoot

RollerFoot In Office

Woman on RollerFoot knee scooter at the counter holding a folder.Woman on RollerFoot knee scooter by the the copy machine.
RollerFoot knee scooter is great around the office.  It allows the patient the use of her both hands when moving around.  Also, due to the small size of the RollerFoot, the person can get very close to the objects.

In these pictures, notice how close the patient is standing to the counter and to the copy machine, and how comfortable she feels using her both hands.  That is because there is no handle bar and/or a basket in front of her if she were on a steerable knee scooter, such as these:Steerable Knee Scooter with a Basket.Knee Walker with a Handle Bar and a Basket.