Knee Walker After Restorative Foot Surgery

RollerFoot continues to be the knee walker of choice

Here is our happy customer Holly of Chicago on the RollerFoot knee walker after restorative foot surgery. She is cruising along the streets, doing her own thing while keeping that foot elevated and her hands free.

Knee walker after restorative foot surgery - HANDS FREE RollerFoot

She had just had her second restorative foot surgery and was non-weight bearing for over six weeks after that.  All this time she was using the RollerFoot hands free knee scooter she rented from us. Holly used the RollerFoot first time a couple of years ago after her first surgery.  This time she decided that the RollerFoot was still the best option compared to other steerable knee scooters and iWalkFree.  As you can see Holly is completely comfortable to roll on the RollerFoot in the street, going in and out of stores, shops and cafes.

You can watch short videos – Holly on the RollerFoot in the streets of Chicago that she shot and allowed us to put up on our site for future customers of the RollerFoot. You can clearly see that Holly is completely confident in her use of the RollerFoot outside on the city sidewalks, and she had her hands free for additional convenience.

That is what you call a true independence from not only crutches, but also from the steering handle bars of other knee scooters or knee walkers! That is the best quality of life after a foot surgery that is only possible with the RollerFoot hands free knee walker!

Customers can rent or purchase brand new units on our site.  We offer a variety of colors to fit all tastes of men and women. You can also ask us a question about the RollerFoot hands free knee scooter by sending us an email at or call us at 414 704 7810.

Knee Scooter for Broken Leg

scooter for broken legRollerFoot, a state-of-the-art knee walker, has become popular among people with foot or ankle injuries. Patients after reconstructive foot surgery will also find it extremely useful. Wide range of patients from home makers to doctors, to tradesmen and office workers, men and women alike use the RollerFoot knee scooter.

The idea for the RollerFoot appeared as a solution for a need to stay active and mobile while healing a foot injury. First, by using a chair for standing up to free up one’s hands.  Later the concept advanced into adding wheels and better fitted leg support.

Available in different colors and manufactured using high-grade plastic and wheels. RollerFoot is light and offers a good grip on the leg with its two Velcro straps.  The patient can steer the RollerFoot with his knee because the front wheels are able to freely pivot. The rear wheels on the other hands are fixed parallel to the unit’s center line.  This helps in the straight line movement.

Since the injured leg is strapped into the device, one can lift and maneuver the RollerFoot easily.  You can lift it up from the ground with your leg to get over an obstacle or even take a step up.

Furthermore, the RollerFoot also provides beneficial exercise for the leg muscles. Due to its hands-free design it helps your upper leg muscles to function all the time. This improves the blood circulation through the muscles in the injured leg, helps with the healing process and minimizes atrophy.

You can rent the RollerFoot for temporary use or purchase it to own. Just login at and order one for yourself or someone else through a simple online process.