Using RollerFoot On Sidewalks

Using RollerFoot On Sidewalks

The below video shows RollerFoot on sidewalks.  The device is not only useful at home and office but also in the streets of today’s urban living.  The user in the video is using RollerFoot rolling along the sidewalks with his both hands free to carry some items.  Steering the RollerFoot with his knee, the user is easily crossing the street, turning corners. Video shows how to rest the injured foot by elevating it on the RollerFoot while seated on a bench.

RollerFoot in the Car

You can also see a demonstration of how easy it is getting the RollerFoot in and out of a car. You roll up to the car door, open it, turn yourself around, unstrap your leg from the RollerFoot. Then sit down on the passenger seat, pick up the device and put it in your lap or between your lags, pad downward. The light weight and small size of the RollerFoot allows you to handle the unit with one hand and minimum effort.

Getting Over Obstacles

In one episode the user shows how to manage small obstacles in the street. Stepping over cracks, bumps, cables, grooves, small steps will help you navigate almost any street of a modern city.  Attachment of the RollerFoot  to the leg by straps enables the user  to lift up the device and carry it over obstacles.

Taking a Step Up or Down

Depending of the user’s skill, it is possible to lift the RollerFoot with your thigh as high as one foot!  This is higher than a regular step of a staircase (ATTENTION: we strongly discourage to use the RollerFoot on stairs.)

This allows the user in the street to manage a transition from the pavement to the sidewalk in one step. The video shows how this can be one.  The maneuver requires a certain level of confidence and physical ability but is not out of reach of a regular physically able person. The detail instruction on this move is provided in the RollerFoot Instructional Video that we supply to every client.

Among all knee scooters, only RollerFoot is capable of stepping up or down. Unique design, small size and light weight of RollerFoot make this possible.