Ed on RollerFoot holding books

Ed on RollerFoot holding books

Last week a RollerFoot customer Ed surprised us with his feedback on how he used RollerFoot.

Ed is in his early 70s, in good physical shape overall, with excellent height to weight ratio for his age, but he is not a fast walker.  He had a fracture in his foot and was on crutches, which he was handling quite well.

I told Ed about the RollerFoot, he got excited about it and wanted to rent.  I was a little leery to put him on the RollerFoot, but we talked about his balance, I trained him for the RollerFoot use at his house, and recommended to still use crutches for extra security whenever needed.

Ed used the RollerFoot for four and a half weeks and was very happy about it.  He never used it outside, only inside his house.  When I asked him what he liked best about using the RollerFoot, he said  “When I needed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. See, you’re half asleep, your balance is a little shaky, but on the RollerFoot I felt much more secure than on crutches.”

Wow! This is not the first time patients say they feel more stable on the RollerFoot than on crutches, but to hear this again from Ed was very encouraging.


One thought on “Keeping Balance on RollerFoot

  1. I damaged my leg, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get around. It makes sense that I would want to see if I can get a knee scooter like that! It’s nice that they can make moving around with a broken leg easier.

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