A customer called us this week asking for the RollerFoot availability as her upcoming foot surgery was a couple of weeks away.  She has had foot reconstruction surgery before and was using multiple products for mobility, including the knee crutch.

iWALK2.0 Hands Free Knee Crutch by iWALKFree, Inc

knee crutch

She stated that she had a hard time adjusting it to her height to feel comfortable for moving around. It was  heavy, hard to drag it on and pull it up,  really difficult and exaggerated movements while walking. The point of contact with the floor is very small and gives you less stability. She fell on her face a few times when the knee crutch slipped. Strapping it on and off was a hassle and took too much time, a big turn off.  She was glad to learn that with the RollerFoot it takes only a couple of seconds.

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