Let’s take a look at how a patient after foot surgery and no-weight bearing with a knee scooter can drive a car. And most importantly, how do you fit your knee scooter in the car. First – the steerable knee scooter (knee cart) and the car.

Steerable Knee Scooter In Car

Steerable knee carts are quite bulky and heavy. They consist of a platform with wheels and a tall steering column.  Something like this:

Knee Scooter cart heavy








In this working condition these scooters are not the best fit inside a car.  SUV with a back hatch door will suit better for these machines. One would have quite a struggle to wrestle them inside a van, let alone in a car.

Here is how they look folded:

Steerable knee scooter folded

Even with a folded steering column, and the basket detached, one must lift them with both hands from the ground while balancing on one good leg!

Placing Steerable Knee scooter in the trunk

Then the patient must hop on one good leg around the van (car) to the driver (passenger) seat!  Not an easy exercise for an average patient.

Here is one of those steerables inside the trunk of a large car (a Cadillac!).  I guess life is usually easy with a Caddy…. 🙂

Folded Steerable knee scooter in trunk of Cadillac








And here is one remarkable attempt to squeeze one of these steerable carts inside the car….

Steerable knee scooter inside car








I’m not sure the inside of his vehicle looks the same after a couple of those trips…

Now let look at the RollerFoot knee scooter and its ability to travel with the patient by car and let you decide which one is easier.


RollerFoot Inside the Car

First of all, RollerFoot knee scooter is much smaller and lighter then any of those “steerable” knee rollers/scooters (we call them Knee Carts) mentioned above. RollerFoot can be lifted with one hand by the strap and placed anywhere in the car.  If patient is able to drive while non-weight bearing on left foot, he can place the RollerFoot next to him on or in front of the passenger seat.  Like this:

RollerFoot Inside a Car

When the fight foot is injured and non-weight bearing, the patient would be a passenger in the car.  In this case he can roll up right to the passenger door, unstrap the RollerFoot and sit down on the seat, pick up the unit and place it in his lap between legs. It looks like this:

RollerFoot knee scooter in car on passenger side

No hopping around the car on one leg! You get on and off the RollerFoot right at the door and easily transport it inside the car. You can also watch the video of the RollerFoot in the car:


I think by now the advantages of the RollerFoot over the steerable knee scooters are obvious as it comes to transporting them in the car.


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