Some patients view RollerFoot as transportation, asking if they can take it with them to exotic situations, such as vacation trips or out of town conferences.

While this is doable for some people, and was done by some of our patients, I’d emphasize that RollerFoot is a walking aid for broken foot, or a standing aid, and not a vehicle. RollerFoot is best used in small confinements of home, office, any workspace that requires the smallest size device, turning on the spot and most importantly – HANDS FREE!.

If you’re planning to travel, or attending a conference or a trade show in a large arena or hotel which will require you to cover a lot of ground, I’d seriously recommend a wheelchair. Most of those venues, especially hotels, have thick carpet which will quickly wear you down. Unless you’re in a Superman’s athletic shape.

Just remember that you are injured and handicapped for a while, and need to take it easy. RollerFoot will help you by freeing up your hands, but nothing will replace your fully functional foot.

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