We just launched a new line of RollerFoot colors! Patients now have a wide range of color choices: Black, Brown (Chocolate!), Grey Marble, Sandy Speckled, and, of course, Pink.  All these are in addition to our traditional color Medical Grey. See photos on the page Features (and scroll down).

The idea is to offer our clients RollerFoot that would blend easier with their everyday clothing colors. Men and women that use RollerFoot not only at home but in the office, outside, and other public places.  Some patients previously asked for specific colors, such as black to attend a wedding, but we only had grey.  So they had to paint their RollerFoot to fit with the occasion.

Now there is so much flexibility with these six colors.  Our color choice was based on the idea that RollerFoot is sort of a shoe idem and thus should be colored accordingly. And the most basic shoe colors are black and brown. Then we added some grey and sandy to lighten things up a little.  Then we thought – Pink! Exclusively for our ladies.

We are going to present all these units in new colors at the upcoming Home Medical Equipment show MedTrade in Atlanta, GA on October 21-23. Visit our Step Dynamics booth 866.

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