Walk After Foot Surgery

Our customer Heather is wearing an orthopedic boot and actively uses RollerFoot to walk after foot surgery.  RollerFoot allows her to stay productive not only at home but outside and everywhere she goes. Watch how Heather is using her RollerFoot confidently, walking from the parking lot, onto the sidewalk and to the store.  You can see that she is handling the rough spot on the pavement with ease.  Her hands are free and she is walking almost naturally.

Notice, Heather also uses a special clip-on platform on her good foot to add a few inches of height to be more even on her legs with an orthopedic boot. The additional platform is called EvenUp.  It also helps Heather to increase her height (5′) to better fit onto the RollerFoot. Our low limit on height is around 5’2″. But in the end Heather can easily walk after foot surgery with the aid of the RollerFoot!

Once she is inside the store and gets hold of the shopping cart, she would be flying through the store fast and comfortable to the amazement and amusement of others.

Watch a video of using RollerFoot with a shopping cart on our Video page.

If Heather were on one of those steerable knee walkers (knee scooters) with handle bars, she wouldn’t be able to use the shopping cart at all!!! You can now see that RollerFoot is really freeing up your hands and provides additional benefits compared to the regular steerable knee scooters.


Knee Walker After Restorative Foot Surgery

RollerFoot continues to be the knee walker of choice

Here is our happy customer Holly of Chicago on the RollerFoot knee walker after restorative foot surgery. She is cruising along the streets, doing her own thing while keeping that foot elevated and her hands free.

Knee walker after restorative foot surgery - HANDS FREE RollerFoot

She had just had her second restorative foot surgery and was non-weight bearing for over six weeks after that.  All this time she was using the RollerFoot hands free knee scooter she rented from us. Holly used the RollerFoot first time a couple of years ago after her first surgery.  This time she decided that the RollerFoot was still the best option compared to other steerable knee scooters and iWalkFree.  As you can see Holly is completely comfortable to roll on the RollerFoot in the street, going in and out of stores, shops and cafes.

You can watch short videos – Holly on the RollerFoot in the streets of Chicago that she shot and allowed us to put up on our site for future customers of the RollerFoot. You can clearly see that Holly is completely confident in her use of the RollerFoot outside on the city sidewalks, and she had her hands free for additional convenience.

That is what you call a true independence from not only crutches, but also from the steering handle bars of other knee scooters or knee walkers! That is the best quality of life after a foot surgery that is only possible with the RollerFoot hands free knee walker!

Customers can rent or purchase brand new units on our site.  We offer a variety of colors to fit all tastes of men and women. You can also ask us a question about the RollerFoot hands free knee scooter by sending us an email at info@rollerfoot.com or call us at 414 704 7810.

Knee Scooter for Broken Leg

scooter for broken legRollerFoot, a state-of-the-art knee walker, has become popular among people with foot or ankle injuries. Patients after reconstructive foot surgery will also find it extremely useful. Wide range of patients from home makers to doctors, to tradesmen and office workers, men and women alike use the RollerFoot knee scooter.

The idea for the RollerFoot appeared as a solution for a need to stay active and mobile while healing a foot injury. First, by using a chair for standing up to free up one’s hands.  Later the concept advanced into adding wheels and better fitted leg support.

Available in different colors and manufactured using high-grade plastic and wheels. RollerFoot is light and offers a good grip on the leg with its two Velcro straps.  The patient can steer the RollerFoot with his knee because the front wheels are able to freely pivot. The rear wheels on the other hands are fixed parallel to the unit’s center line.  This helps in the straight line movement.

Since the injured leg is strapped into the device, one can lift and maneuver the RollerFoot easily.  You can lift it up from the ground with your leg to get over an obstacle or even take a step up.

Furthermore, the RollerFoot also provides beneficial exercise for the leg muscles. Due to its hands-free design it helps your upper leg muscles to function all the time. This improves the blood circulation through the muscles in the injured leg, helps with the healing process and minimizes atrophy.

You can rent the RollerFoot for temporary use or purchase it to own. Just login at www.rollerfoot.com and order one for yourself or someone else through a simple online process.

RollerFoot at MedTrade in Atlanta

We had a nice booth at the largest medical home care and medical durable equipment show MEDTRADE in Atlanta, GA, October 27 – 29, 2015.

Here is the RollerFoot booth at the MedTrade inside the HIRA pavilion.  We had 6 units of all colors and sizes on display, five of them were on the table and one on the floor for demonstration  of how to use for the visitors. RollerFoot units presented were of all three size groups from smallest to the tallest patients.

We also had a poster on the wall to show side by side the hands free knee scooter RollerFoot and regular streerable knee scooters/walkers.  The idea was to show the difference between the hands free RollerFoot and regular knee walkers with handle bars, and promote Combination rentals. Combination Rentals is the idea of offering the best features of both knee scooters: RollerFoot for inside use, such as home, work, office, and the traditional knee scooters for outside use.

Here is a picture of the RollerFoot booth at the MedTrade.

RollerFoot booth at MedTrade

We had a steady flow of visitors, mostly owners of DME stores looking to add new items to their existing fleet of knee scooters. We explained the difference between the traditional knee scooters and the RollerFoot and demonstrated how easy it is to roll around on RollerFoot hands free, and explained the advantages of RollerFoot for small areas at home such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, hallways, etc.

Many visitors tried the RollerFoot themselves to see that it is easy to use for physically able people with foot or ankle trauma, and that it takes a few minutes to become comfortable on the unit for anyone.

We also had a visit by a beautiful model walking the floor of the show who also wanted to try the RollerFoot.  All ladies look really good on that pink RollerFoot!

Woman on RollerFoot

Using RollerFoot Outside

Knee Walker for Comfort and Ease

Watch these videos to learn how our patients are Using RollerFoot outside. In this case – on the streets of Chicago by our second-time customer Holly Y.

Holly is non-weight bearing and is walking around on RollerFoot knee scooter with her hands free.  You can see her rolling out of a cafe. Notice how confidently, with gusto she is handling the knee walker.

This is a good illustration that RollerFoot is easily used outside, on the street and public places in addition to its superior performance indoors. As you can see a physically able patient does not need a handle bar to support herself (himself) on the RollerFoot knee walker. Average muscle strength, coordination and balance are all that is needed for successful use of the HANDS FREE knee scooter RollerFoot.

Dealers: Creative RollerFoot Rentals

Here is one creative way to do RollerFoot rental business. Our New Zealand dealer Physio Health Ltd offers RollerFoot together with the regular steerable knee scooters. They call it a “combination hire” which offers the best of both devices: RollerFoot for home use and steerable scooter for outside use. The charge is a little more for combination, but they say it really works for heir customers.

Physio Health in New Zealand rents RollerFoot in combination with a steerable knee scooter.

RollerFoot Strengthens Muscles

RollerFoot Is Good For Your Leg Muscles

Using RollerFoot strengthens muscles in your injured leg like no other mobility device. RollerFoot strengthens and stimulates the upper leg muscles in the injured leg during the no-weight bearing period.

Crutches And Your Leg Muscles

While on crutches, the patient loses muscle weight and strength in the injured leg due to total inactivity. The muscle atrophy can be significant over the period of 6, 8 or more weeks. It may require a lengthy physical therapy treatment period to restore the full function of the leg once the cast is removed.

At the same time your good leg is overworked, its muscles are now doing twice the work at twice the load. This results in fatigue and pain in the joint of the healthy leg. To avoid that and the hurting of your arms and hands, you tend to stop moving that much, which leads to more total inactivity for the body.

RollerFoot Exercises Your Leg Muscles

RollerFoot makes your big front thigh muscles and the inside thigh muscles work intensely all the time, which results in active blood circulation through those muscles, keeping them in good working shape. This also have a positive effect on the healing process down in the foot area and reduce the rehabilitation period afterwards.

RollerFoot also distributes the body weight evenly between both legs, without overloading and overworking the healthy leg.

How Does RollerFoot Work On Muscles?

Why is the RollerFoot best in stimulating those muscles?  It is due to its hands-free design.

Because there is no handle bar on the RollerFoot, your hands don’t help you keep your body upright and your buttock from landing on your bent-up leg.  You have to rely on your front thigh muscle to do that job.

You also have to keep your hips together while moving or standing on the RollerFoot, so your inner thigh muscles on both sides work all the time.

Your back and the buttock muscles are also get a work-out on the RollerFoot since they are engaged in keeping your body upright. No handle bar to lean on.

This results in a lot of blood circulation and work-out for those muscles. And they are the biggest muscles in your body! So, by the time you’re allowed to start putting weight on your foot, your biggest muscles are ready to keep you upright and moving. The only muscle you will need to work on to restore its function is the calf.  But it should be easier to do since the biggest muscle next to it has been working all this time.

Other Knee Scooters/Walkers

All knee scooters (knee walkers) with a handle bar heavily rely on patient’s arms muscles to lift and keep the body upright. As a result your arms and shoulder muscles are working out, while the big thigh muscle in the injured leg is under loaded.

Also, the inner leg muscles are not working that much because side force of the push from the step is compensated by the steering mechanism and, again, by the arms of the patient.

Be Hands Free, Train Leg and Torso Muscles on RollerFoot!

RollerFoot Colors

We just launched a new line of RollerFoot colors! Patients now have a wide range of color choices: Black, Brown (Chocolate!), Grey Marble, Sandy Speckled, and, of course, Pink.  All these are in addition to our traditional color Medical Grey. See photos on the page Features (and scroll down).

The idea is to offer our clients RollerFoot that would blend easier with their everyday clothing colors. Men and women that use RollerFoot not only at home but in the office, outside, and other public places.  Some patients previously asked for specific colors, such as black to attend a wedding, but we only had grey.  So they had to paint their RollerFoot to fit with the occasion.

Now there is so much flexibility with these six colors.  Our color choice was based on the idea that RollerFoot is sort of a shoe idem and thus should be colored accordingly. And the most basic shoe colors are black and brown. Then we added some grey and sandy to lighten things up a little.  Then we thought – Pink! Exclusively for our ladies.

We are going to present all these units in new colors at the upcoming Home Medical Equipment show MedTrade in Atlanta, GA on October 21-23. Visit our Step Dynamics booth 866.

Compare RollerFoot to Steerable Knee Walkers

RollerFoot Inside The House

Unlike steerable knee walkers, RollerFoot is indispensable in the home environment, because it is ideally suited for small spaces like kitchen, bathrooms, corridors, etc. Look at the pictures and notice how close you can get to all the objects: a sink in the bathroom, the fridge, the stove, the dishwasher, and the kitchen sink. Maria B-KAll these essential places become easily accessible on the RollerFoot because you don’t have a handle bar with a basket in front of you, like you would with all the “steerable” knee scooters.

Woman on the RollerFoot knee scooter in the kitchen reaching down into oven.Really, there is no way one can get as comfortable in all these situations and in all small, confined home spaces, as one would on the RollerFoot.

Reaching down to the oven, up into the pantry, inside the fridge, pulling the dishwasher door open and handling all the dishes, etc. And look how comfortable the lady stands on the RollerFoot by the kitchen sink – as if she is not using any mobility aid. That is the total advantage of RollerFoot over all knee scooters with a handle bar.Woman on RollerFoot knee scooter by the kitchen sink.
Woman on the RollerFoot knee scooter in the kitchen reaching into an upper cabinet.Woman on RollerFoot knee scooter in the kitchen using a dish washer.







Can you imagine one of these steerable knee walkers shown below do the same? There is no way!  How much reaching down can you do on one of these monsters? How easy do you think it would be in the bathroom with those huge “street cruising machines” and All Terrain Vehicles? Your first priority is to function comfortably at home while you combat pain in your foot, and not to roam streets or explore a nearby forest.All Terrain Knee Walker Leg Forward Seated Walker Scooter Man on Weil Knee Walker with a basket.


Versatility of the RollerFoot

RollerFoot In Office

Woman on RollerFoot knee scooter at the counter holding a folder.Woman on RollerFoot knee scooter by the the copy machine.
RollerFoot knee scooter is great around the office.  It allows the patient the use of her both hands when moving around.  Also, due to the small size of the RollerFoot, the person can get very close to the objects.

In these pictures, notice how close the patient is standing to the counter and to the copy machine, and how comfortable she feels using her both hands.  That is because there is no handle bar and/or a basket in front of her if she were on a steerable knee scooter, such as these:Steerable Knee Scooter with a Basket.Knee Walker with a Handle Bar and a Basket.