Using RollerFoot on Ramps

Our customers successfully use RollerFoot on ramps that are commonly found in public buildings and other places. Those are also known as a handicapped access. Our patients can easily go up and down those ramps with or without holding on to the rail.

The technique on the ramp is that your good leg works as a brake on the way down, and up.  You just need a little more effort in the upper legs muscles to control your descent or climb. Your can see that in the videos on the Home Page and Features Page.


Kathy used ramp on RollerFoot.

As our customer Kathy says: “I rolled down and up the ramp in my garage without any problem.”  And so can you!

One final note. Oftentimes whenever there is a ramp in a large public building, there is an elevator. Use that instead. Also, do not use escalators on RollerFoot, an elevator is usually close by. Keep that in mind.


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