We had a nice booth at the largest medical home care and medical durable equipment show MEDTRADE in Atlanta, GA, October 27 – 29, 2015.

Here is the RollerFoot booth at the MedTrade inside the HIRA pavilion.  We had 6 units of all colors and sizes on display, five of them were on the table and one on the floor for demonstration  of how to use for the visitors. RollerFoot units presented were of all three size groups from smallest to the tallest patients.

We also had a poster on the wall to show side by side the hands free knee scooter RollerFoot and regular streerable knee scooters/walkers.  The idea was to show the difference between the hands free RollerFoot and regular knee walkers with handle bars, and promote Combination rentals. Combination Rentals is the idea of offering the best features of both knee scooters: RollerFoot for inside use, such as home, work, office, and the traditional knee scooters for outside use.

Here is a picture of the RollerFoot booth at the MedTrade.

RollerFoot booth at MedTrade

We had a steady flow of visitors, mostly owners of DME stores looking to add new items to their existing fleet of knee scooters. We explained the difference between the traditional knee scooters and the RollerFoot and demonstrated how easy it is to roll around on RollerFoot hands free, and explained the advantages of RollerFoot for small areas at home such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, hallways, etc.

Many visitors tried the RollerFoot themselves to see that it is easy to use for physically able people with foot or ankle trauma, and that it takes a few minutes to become comfortable on the unit for anyone.

We also had a visit by a beautiful model walking the floor of the show who also wanted to try the RollerFoot.  All ladies look really good on that pink RollerFoot!

Woman on RollerFoot

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