Why RollerFoot Has No Brakes

Today knee scooters are like vehicles: patient is the driver with both hands on the steering handle bar and fingers on the brake levers.

People often ask how come RollerFoot doesn’t have brakes?  The assumption here is that without the brakes RollerFoot is somehow less safe than the steerable knee scooter carts, that have all sorts of fancy braking jigs.  Some high speed knee scooter models even have disk brakes (front and rear).

Spry Knee Cruzer racer.

Spry Knee Scooter (“Cruzer”) with dual disc brakes and car-like steering mechanism. Ready for serious high speed racing. Except the driver has a foot trauma…

Wow, the  patients (pilots) of those knee scooter racing carts must be in real danger rolling at neck braking speed across parking lots and ramps in the mall. No kidding, you need race car-like brakes when you’re doing those kind of stunts with a broken leg!

And they call those knee scooters (carts) going over 20 mph, safe?!

I actually heard one DME professional (an authority figure in the industry) marvel over a patient guy bolting down the street at a high speed on their steerable cart?  I thought we’re all about safety and not putting our patients at risk.

Really? Racing? Is that what you want to do 3 days after you broke your ankle, or ruptured Achilles tendon or had a foot surgery?  My own experience and that of most of our patients (most of whom are mature women), show that you want a quiet time while enduring the pain, and you want to carry that injured foot around very smoothly and carefully, as every sharp turn causes sharp pain.  Plus, many take pain killers during this time, and thus are kind of naturally slow.

No, patients don’t need setting speed records during recovery from a foot injury.

The desire for brakes on those steerable scooters is from the mind set for safety on bicycles, or street scooters, or some sort of vehicle that you ride. Well, time to require to wear helmets while operating them!…

RollerFoot is not a vehicle! You don’t drive RollerFoot.  RollerFoot works as an extension of your leg. Since RollerFoot is the best for use in tight spaces at home and office YOU DON’T NEED BRAKES there!


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