RollerFoot For Basketball Foot Injury.

A few years ago Malcolm Brogdon, then a basketball player for University of Virginia team Cavaliers, had a foot and ankle injury.  The surgeon put him in a cast. Than team’s athletic trainer found out about us and decided to get Malcolm a RollerFoot.  It was a pleasure for us to provide an extra high RollerFoot unit for Malcolm.  He was a promising college basketball player for Cavaliers. While no-weight-bearing and on the RollerFoot during his recovery Malcolm was able to attend team practices. Thanks to the RollerFoot Malcolm continuously exercised his upper leg muscles. He also had both hands free to shoot the hoop, thus maintaining his skills while recuperating.

Malcolm had completely recovered and continued his college study and playing basketball at the University.

We had a small testimonial written about Malcolm at that time and here is a picture of him from that period.

RollerFoot For Basketball Foot Injury - Malcolm Brogdon

Former RollerFoot Patient Becomes NBA Pro

Recently we found out that Malcom Brogdon had joined the Milwaukee Bucks – an NBA franchise! What added to our excitement is that Malcolm is now in Milwaukee where Step Dynamics, the RollerFoot company, is located.  What an interesting coincidence: out of dozens of NBA teams Brogdon comes to Milwaukee – the home of the RollerFoot!  The one that helped him during the recovery from the injury. We are so glad to have him in our town. We can now go to the game and see Malcolm play at the Bucks Arena!  And maybe one day we could meet him in person and talk about his experience on the RollerFoot years ago.

Next time you see the Bucks number 13 running and jumping on the basketball court, watch for his left leg.  RollerFoot had helped in healing it!

Go Malcolm! Good luck!

Malcolm Brogdon on RollerFoot in 2012, now with Milwaukee BucksMalcolm Brogdon Milwaukee Bucks number 13 - former RollerFoot patient

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