There is no perfect height for your RollerFoot.  Well, sort of. Obviously, we all have our own knee height depending on how tall we are. The distance from the floor to the bended knee is about 1/4 of the person’s total height. And that’s what we use to determine the needed height of the unit for a patient.

Then the specifics begin.  The knee height is in the standing straight position.  If you are walking or scooting you bend your knees for better stability, and thus your knee height becomes less, so you need to lower the RollerFoot compared to when you’re standing.

Then, that ideal knee height is actually for you standing without shoes. So, if you wear thick soles and heeled shoes you need to make the unit higher.  We actually recommend patients to wear solid shoes, like tennis, or sneaker shoes.  And those come in different sole and heel thickness.

Furthermore, the position of your upper leg with the bended knee is different all the time.  If you’re moving, your knee comes forward and thus lowers your posture, requiring lower unit.  Once standing, your knee goes back forming a near right angle raising the body, thus needing a higher unit.

So, the ideal height is up and down all the time while patient is using the RollerFoot.  That variation can be one to two inches up or down for the same person, not to mention that we are taller in the morning than at the end of the day due to the gaps in our joints.

Orthopedic doctors say that our body can easily compensate 2 -3 inches difference between the lengths of the legs.  So, if your RollerFoot is 0.5 to 1.5 inches taller or lower than you feel like in the standing position, is no big deal.  Your body will quickly adjust to it.

Plus you can always “lower” your unit by raising yourself with bigger hill of the shoe.  Or “raise” the unit a little by adding extra padding to the knee area of the RollerFoot.

In rear cases, when the patient height is on the border between the two unit heights we could go wither 1.5″ higher or lower, that is with or without the height insert.  Then it’s the patients’ choice.

There you have it – the fine-tuning of the RollerFoot height. Simply rely on us for the height selection. We speak from years of experience. But give us a call if you need help. We love assisting our clients.

Happy scooting around!

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