Customer compares RollerFoot vs Medical Knee Scooter

Recently we received a feedback from a customer who compares RollerFoot vs Medical Knee Scooter, other walking mobility aids and ideas that would help during recovery after a broken foot.

Lisa suffered a broken foot and was facing a long recovery time without putting weight on her foot. Lisa needed a mobility device for getting around the house and the one that would be easy to handle.  First she got a medical Knee scooter with the handle bar for steering, but it was to big and heavy for the house. Knee Walker with a Handle Bar and a Basket.You can’t turn it around in a bathroom, kitchen are other small places of the house.  Lisa was frustrated with that steerable scooter and tried many other things, including office chairs, and even a rolling workshop stool, in the hope to make her mobility on one foot easier.

A rolling stool used as a knee scooter by patient with a broken foot

A rolling stool used as a knee scooter by patient with a broken foot

Then she found the RollerFoot knee walker on the web, and saw that it was not only the smallest, but also made you your hands free to do things, instead of steering and lifting a large cart, which is a typical medical knee scooter walker. Lisa called us to discuss details of of the RollerFoot walker usage as compared to the steerable medical knee scooter walker, and purchased the RollerFoot that same day.

We shipped a nice new grey color HANDS FREE knee walker scooter RollerFoot to Lisa on the day she ordered it.

RollerFoot knee scooter, light grey color with soft pad, right side.

Light Grey

A couple of days later we received the following message from Lisa:

I received the RollerFoot this morning… 🌈THIS is THE solution for the most extensive mobility while healing a broken foot!!!  It took me all of 10 minutes “to get going” on the RollerFoot after unboxing, but not without a few emotional tears of joy.  As you know I have tried everything… a makeshift rolling stool, my husbands auto-mechanic rolling stool, the medical knee scooter and more… and nothing helped to give me the ability to fully manage my day-to-day household tasks – until your RollerFoot 😀.  I could go on and on – but I just wanted to thank you for your brilliant invention, and making it available. I have about 6 weeks of foot recovery ahead (maybe more) and I can’t imagine what I would do. THANK YOU, Lisa ☺️

What a great testimony for a product that solves an important need of a customer!  We are so glad we could help Lisa and many other customers struggling with the heavy and bulky medical knee scooters while many of them could be much happier with a hands free knee scooter walker RollerFoot!

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