RollerFoot and Stairs

Usually we recommend for the customers of RollerFoot not to use this knee walker (knee scooter) on the stairs of any sort, whether in public places or at home.

That is  because the RollerFoot knee walker was designed primarily for flat surfaces to help a person after a foot or ankle trauma or surgery to stay mobile with hands free around the house or at work.  The RollerFoot carries your foot smoothly, without the back and forth swinging movements like the iWalk stump. The main goal is to provide patient a comfortable mobility and relieve the foot after surgery from bearing weight while keeping the hands free from steering.

Moving up or down the stairs is not the focus for the RollerFoot and we tell customers to stay away from stairs and escalators in public places and use elevators instead. At home the patient of RollerFoot should negotiate the stairs on his/her knees going up or down and carrying the unit in one hand by the strap, or asking someone to help carrying it.

Taking One Step Up or Down On RollerFoot

Having said that, the RollerFoot knee scooter has this unique ability to take one step. It can be one step up or down at home or outside on the street. In each case the technique is the same.

Roll up close with your good leg next to the step.  Depending on whether you’re stepping up or down, put your good leg down (or up) on the step, transfer your weight on the good leg then move the unit (down or up) the step. Ensure both rear wheels make it all the way on (off) the step.  Watch the video of how to take a step up or down on RollerFoot knee walker.

For support one can hold on to a railing or a wall while completing the move.


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