audreyI had a broken ankle while working in the yard. After the surgery I had a soft cast and was non weight bearing for 5 weeks. Using crutches was really bad. RollerFoot™ allowed me to do a lot of things that on crutches would have been impossible. I was able to get my son ready for school in the morning, bring him clothes, prepare breakfast and go around the house doing a million of other things.

I took RollerFoot™ on my visit to the doctor and he thought it was great.

RollerFoot™ enabled me to return to work quickly and stay productive the entire day. I could use my both hands to carry boxes to fill the orders, I was able to move around the office with ease and accomplish a lot of tasks. I took RollerFoot™ with me to our remotely located store a few hundred miles away and used RollerFoot™ to set up the store on time for the season.

I would definitely recommend RollerFoot™ to anyone who needs to get things done.

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