Following the ankle surgery I had to be back to work within days. I needed a mobility device during the non-weight bearing period that would be easy to use and allow me to remain functional in my duties as a physician. I first got a walking crutch, but quickly discovered that it was awkward to use and would not serve the purpose.

Then I found RollerFoot knee walker on YouTube and ordered it through the RollerFoot website. What a difference RollerFoot has made for me! It was really easy in use, small, light and freed up my hands. It allowed me to work at the hospital the whole day, move from room to room to see my patients while holding the charts and the clip board in my hands. I even took RollerFoot to the operating room! There was no way I could have done even part of that on crutches!

RollerFoot enabled me to maintain my daily routine. I successfully used it at home, for going out to eat at restaurants, for shopping and at church.

The best features of RollerFoot: quick and easy transition from seating to standing position, or from walking to seating; your injured foot remains elevated at all times, reducing swelling and pain; in seating position you can put your leg up on RollerFoot at a comfortable level; and, of course, having hands free to carry things. RollerFoot engages lower body and upper leg muscles (hips, buttocks, thighs, etc.) preventing their atrophy. RollerFoot is a lot closer to walking than crutches. It is also easy to use in the bathroom.

This has been a great product and a life saver at work. I can’t say enough good things about it. I am so grateful that I found RollerFoot on the internet. I would be happy to help you with marketing from the medical side. Use me as a reference anytime.

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