RollerFoot for Achilles Tendon recoveryRollerFoot for Achilles Tendon recoveryDude. Got the RollerFoot today. F**g awesome product. Within 10 minutes of getting the RollerFoot I was helping my wife cook breakfast and playing with my little daughter again! Thanks for improving the quality of life for me instantly! Brilliant. Cheers.
Two months later:
Thanks again for a great product and for making my life MUCH easier the last few months of during my Achilles tendon recovery. Its amazing how little crutch technology has progressed over the last few decades. I was shocked at how many times I was approached on the street or in the hospital as if I was the first one to own an piece of new technology. People would ask “where did you get that!?” and “man I was on crutches for 3 months after breaking my leg…!” and so on. Even doctors would be surprised to see the RollerFoot.


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