I broke my ankle at the dog park early this winter. The doctor put me in an orthopedic boot and sent me home with crutches. I quickly discovered I didn’t have the upper body strength to handle crutches. Teaching at the University requires a lot of moving around and I also have a very busy family life. So relying on crutches just didn’t work for me.

I found RollerFoot knee walker by searching the internet, saw the RollerFoot videos where patients are able to roll around and have their hands free. Using the contact information from the web site I arranged for delivery of the RollerFoot to the University. I tried it in the environment where I needed it the most, getting from the parking garage to my office, going to various lecture halls, in and out of the elevators.

RollerFoot worked like a charm for me for several weeks and was a true life saver. It allowed me to continue teaching my courses, standing in front of the lecture hall for long periods of time. RollerFoot was a tremendous help shopping! You have your hands free to pick up items and pushing the cart was easy. On RollerFoot I could roll down a grocery aisle faster than walking behind a shopping cart. When I was using RollerFoot, many of my students and colleagues commented on how effective I was at getting around campus (and I’m not highly athletic).

RollerFoot is a great device. I showed it to my orthopedic surgeon and he was impressed. I highly recommend RollerFoot to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life during the non-weight bearing period.

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