tom2I had ankle reconstruction surgery and after a week I was looking for a substitute for crutches. I wasn’t sure if I was looking for something like a knee walker, or another alternative. I just wanted something that provides a hands-free alternative to crutches.

Then a co-worker suggested RollerFoot. I immediately rented it and enjoyed it from Day 1. What an amazing contraption! It was the hands-free alternative I was looking for, without having to use traditional crutches! My leg fit comfortably and secure on the pad, my hands free from crutches, and turning is easy in whatever direction I needed to go.

By the end of my first week of use, I took RollerFoot with us on vacation to Florida. I was able to handle our baggage and get to the rental car just fine. I couldn’t imagine doing all of that with traditional crutches.

At the resort I used RollerFoot extensively. I took it to the streets, rolling painlessly in and out of stores and restaurants. I had many people stopped and talked to me about RollerFoot.

Back home again I used RollerFoot everywhere – grocery stores, mall, around the block for exercise, and, of course, at the house. I was on my RollerFoot rolling knee walker when I went to my final appointment with my foot surgeon. I told the doctor and his physical therapists that I benefited greatly from using RollerFoot, and that Orthopedists should recommend it as an alternative to traditional crutches and knee walkers. My doctor agreed with me.

All capable patients who have active lifestyles and want their hands free from crutches will benefit from this product like I did.

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