I used both RollerFoot and iWalk-Free and can testify that RollerFoot beats iWalk-Free hands down. Being a big athletic guy that I am I gave both devices a good work-out. I quickly found out that I loved RollerFoot and didn’t like the iWalk at all and sent it back the second day. RollerFoot is much easier to get on, it takes only a few seconds where iWalk takes forever to attach. iWalk is very un-natural for walking, even primitive and hard to get accustomed to. RollerFoot is so much easier, smoother, faster and more natural in use. I take RollerFoot everywhere I go – work, to the mall, restaurants, movies and I move so easy and fast that everyone around me is amazed. I just love RollerFoot which is giving me the ability to get rid of crutches and move around quickly, but mainly I have my hands free! RollerFoot is small and light so I can just through it in the car on the seat next to me and jump right on it when I get out in a snap. Because of its elegant look, RollerFoot is fun to take to social events for a little show off. I also showed RollerFoot to my orthopedic doctor and he liked it. Watch me exercise my injured leg on RollerFoot in a gym.

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