On RollerFoot Wherever I Go!

Brian, our recent client, rented RollerFoot for over 8 weeks while recovering from a leg fracture. During this time Brian was actively working both at home and outside, thanks to the RollerFoot.  Brian says RollerFoot enabled him to go to stores, business and just to other public places to socialize. He mentioned that he especially liked to use the shopping cart at stores and to zoom fast along the isles to the amazement of other shoppers.

Brian says that stability was absolutely not an issue using the device at home and outside.  He says when you take steps carefully and with measured effort, everything goes well. He felt totally in control and secure on the RollerFoot at all times.

This picture was taken at a local Starbucks in New Berlin, WI, where Brian on the RollerFoot used his both hands to carry his order of coffee while smoothly gliding between tables and chairs. And what a great confident look he has standing there on the RollerFoot at that nice Starbucks parlor!

Using RollerFoot everywhere. Brian at Starbucks.

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