RollerFoot knee walker rental is the best option in certain cases when the non-weight bearing time required by doctor is under 7 – 8 weeks.  Renting knee walkers makes financial sense because the patients’ initial outlay of money is much smaller compared to outright purchase of a knee walker. Also, with a rental “pay as you go” principle helps many patients that cannot afford to buy a new unit. Knee walker rental is especially beneficial over purchase for shorter periods of use such as 3 to 5 weeks, that are very common.

The RollerFoot knee walker rental process is easy to complete on our website First the patient goes to the website and presses menu item “Order RollerFoot”.  The site takes you to the page that explains the difference between rental and a purchase option.  Once the patient has decided to go with rental, he clicks on the green button “Rent” and goes to that page.

Knee walker rental by men with injured foot using RollerFoot knee scooter at home and office

First step is to fill out the Patient Form by clicking the button and providing us with the necessary information about the patient, including patient height, so we send the unit that is height adjusted appropriately for the patient’s height.

Second step in rental process is payment.  By pressing the “Pay Now” orange button at the bottom of the screen, the site takes you to the PayPal page where a credit card can be used to complete the process.

The first payment for the RollerFoot knee walker rental covers the first three weeks, which is a minimum rental period, even if you only need RollerFoot for 1.5 or 2 weeks.  After that the rental is on a “week to week” basis and we will be sending invoices to cover three weeks at a time, although any prepaid but unused rental time will be reimbursed to the patient.

At the end of the RollerFoot rental the patient packs the unit back in the box in which it came and ships it back to the address on the label.