Free Your Hands From a Handle Bar of a Leg Scooter!

When an unfortunate event happens in your life and you have a broken foot or ankle, or an Achilles tendon, or you have a scheduled corrective surgery on your foot or toes, the choice you make for the mobility device will have great influence on your life for the next few weeks, or maybe months.

The truth of the matter is that very few doctors actually talk about the choice of mobility device or devices for a patient after the surgery. As a result, many patients are under the impression that all they have to use for moving around during the next 5 to 8 weeks are crutches. But that is not true these days.

People should know that if they are a “physically able” person, they have a choice of much better device than crutches, namely – the leg scooter, or knee walker, or knee scooter. The names may vary, but they all serve the same purpose to provide a scooter for broken leg and free the patient from the torture and inconvenience of crutches.

Leg scooters today come in different shapes and forms. Most of them have one thing in common: the handle bar or a steering handle.

Leg Scooter, or Knee Walkers For Broken Foot or AnkleSteerable Knee Scooter with a Basket.

RollerFoot on the other hand, is the kind of leg scooter that does not require patient’s hands to move around, it is completely hands free. RollerFoot is the leg scooter for broken leg that is the smallest and the lightest leg scooter on the market today. It is ideally suited to use at home, office, work, or public places. RollerFoot size makes it perfect for small spaces such as kitchen, bathroom, hallway, a laundry room inside your home.

A patient on the RollerFoot can finally carry things in his or her hands while moving around the house and keeping the weight off the injured foot and elevated. What a huge difference compared to other large leg scooters, let alone crutches!

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