Here are some typical questions customers ask about RollerFoot hands-free knee scooter.

Q: Who benefits the most from the RollerFoot hands-free knee scooter?

RollerFoot is best suited for physically able people after foot or ankle trauma, or surgery, amputees, etc. People who would like to stay active and productive during the non weight bearing period of six or more weeks, who would like to use their both hands to work, and not for supporting their body in the upright position.

Q: What are the benefits or advantages of the RollerFoot compared to a regular steerable knee walker scooter?

RollerFoot has a HUGE ADVANTAGE  over the regular knee walkers carts – it frees up your both hands from steering handlebars so you can use your hands for productive work.  On the RollerFoot you can carry almost anything in both hands – from small and delicate (like a baby or a cup of coffee) to large and heavy (like a Chrystal vase with two dozen roses). See our videos. All regular steerable knee scooters walkers carts have a handle bar, a person must hold on to it during movement, this way his hands are occupied.  To carry things around these carts must have a small basket in front, which makes them bigger and less manuerable, and, frankly, look a little funny…..  RollerFoot, on the other hand, is attached to your leg and steering is done by the knee. RollerFoot can turn on the spot in tight places like kitchen, bathroom, hallway and similar tight places.  You need to lift a  steerable cart to turn on the spot, and generally the carts are 2 to 3 times longer than the RollerFoot.
RollerFoot is the smallest and lightest knee scooter walker on the market today. It is best used in the tight spaces at home, at work, in office, public places. or outside. One can carry RollerFoot in one hand, it easily fits in the front seat of the car or next to it.

Q: How do you steer the RollerFoot without the handle bar?

Since the RollerFoot is strapped to your leg and the front wheels are freely  rotate you steer it by pointing with your knee by pointing the knee the front wheels  rotate easily to where you need to go and the device to where you need to go.

Q: Is RollerFoot safe and stable?

When used as recommended RollerFoot is stable and safe. The patient must have a regular sense of coordination and balance. As with any other mobility device, you need to use common  sense and caution. We provide an instructional video of how to effectively and safely use the RollerFoot and people usually are rolling around within a few minutes after watching itWatch our clients using RollerFoot.

Q:  Why does RollerFoot have no brakes?

RollerFoot does not need a brake because it is attached to your leg, it becomes part, or an extension of your leg and thus is controlled by your leg. Does your leg need a brake?  😉   RollerFoot is small and light and easy to control by your upper leg muscles.  All other knee walkers  scooters steerable carts must have a brake because they are vehicles, they are large and heavy, and you must ride on it, sometimes very fast, so you must stop that machine somehow.  The RollerFoot is best in small spaces of your home and office.  Why do you need brakes there? See our discussion on this topic in the blog.

 Q: Does the RollerFoot have good cushion under the knee?

Yes, the RollerFoot has a unique thick cushion made out of shock absorbing gel inside a leather casing. This provides the best available cushioning on the market. Nothing is ideal when it comes to bearing your weight on one knee. Every user of any scooter complains about cushioning. No matter how thick or how soft the cushion is your knee will be sore. You just have to cope with it, do not overdo standing for tool long, know your limits, take rests every now and then as needed.

Q: Is RollerFoot height-adjustable?

Yes, the RollerFoot can be adjusted to the height of any adult from small to tall. See the height specification here. The three fixed heights of the unit  cover the entire height range of the adult population. A two inch spacer is installed between the top and the bottom parts to make the device taller. Depending on the particular person’s height there are maybe one or two inserts installed. More on height adjustment see our blog post here.

Q: Is RollerFoot covered by the insurance?

Not directly. The RollerFoot, if prescribed by your doctor, can be covered by the medical insurance, depending on your particular plan. In most cases patients pay out of pocket for the purchase or rent of the RollerFoot and then submit their expenses for reimbursement to the insurance company.

Q: Is RollerFoot covered by Medicare?

No . Like all other knee walkers or scooters, RollerFoot is not covered by Medicare .

Q: Do you process medical insurance?

No, we do not. The patient first pays for the RollerFoot and then submits the receipts and the doctor’s prescription, if available, to the insurance company. Depending on the plan for use of durable medical equipment the coverage is determined at that point.

Q: Should I rent or purchase a RollerFoot?

Depending on your situation you can either rent or purchase the RollerFoot . Generally speaking if you are going to be none weight bearing for less than 6 weeks, you’re better off renting. On the other hand if you plan to be non-weight-bearing for a couple of months or longer, or going for multiple surgeries, then purchasing will cost you less. And the current rental and purchase prices, 8 weeks of rental equals the purchase price of a new RollerFoot.

Q: Can I try RollerFoot before I spend money?

Yes, each rental or purchase has a 2 day trial period. If you inform us during that time that you would like to return it, you will receive a full rental or purchase refund.

Q: Is there a deposit for a rental?

Yes, there is a rental security deposit of $100. Normally the deposit is fully refundable at the end of the rental.

Q: Does the patient pay shipment?

Yes. Our patients usually need the RollerFoot right away, so it is shipped fully assembled in a sizable box via UPS, often by expedited delivery. It costs money. But most of the time we ship UPS Ground for $29 anywhere in US.

Q:  How soon can I get my RollerFoot ?

Usually within 2 to 5 days. We normally ship the same day we receive the order. So it’s important to complete the order and payment before 2 p.m. Central Time. Depending on how far your destination is from Wisconsin, it may take up to a week by UPS Ground ($29). If your need is urgent, an overnight delivery is also available, but it will cost much more.

Q: How should I return the RollerFoot at the end of rental?

At the end of your rental you simply place the unit inside the box that it came in and ship it back to us either by UPS ground or by regular mail. The return address is usually on the box.  You can also find the return address on our website under contact –  rental returns.

Q: When does my rental start and stop?

Your rental starts when the unit is delivered to you and ends when you ship it back to us. The time in transition does not count as rental time.

Q: What RollerFoot colors can I choose?

For rental, the color is limited usually to gray. But for purchase there is a choice of six colors from light gray two black brown and even pink. The best way to choose is to look on the website under Features.