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Jesse Thomas, Triathlon/Ironman champion @jessemthomas has used our RollerFoot hands-free knee scooter two times.

The first time he needed a knee walker without handles (or handlebars) in 2013. At that time he had surgery to address a navicular stress fracture in his right foot. A blog article was posted on our website, then here.

The RollerFoot allowed Jesse to easily move around his house while continue exercising his upper leg muscles. He maintained strength and avoided muscle atrophy during the no-weight bearing period.
Six years later, and with several impressive Ironman, Triathlon, and marathon titles, Jesse needed another surgery due to a navicular stress fracture in his other foot. For the best results in after-surgery mobility, Jesse turned again to the hands-free knee walker RollerFoot. Jesse maintained strength of his upper leg muscles using RollerFoot. He was able to be productive and manage his business. The RollerFoot also allowed Jesse mobility at home to take care of his second child.
In this short video, Jesse is at his company, demonstrating how easy it is to use the hands-free knee scooter RollerFoot when both hands are available for productive work instead of steering a knee cart.

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