Roller Foot

Another foot surgery and ordering RollerFoot again

I used RollerFoot 3 years ago and I was really, really pleased that I found your product. I've been on crutches for a week after foot surgery; soft tissue and bone procedure and smart toe implant. I am completely restricted from weight bearing and I was in desperate need of your RollerFoot. I'm really excited to use this product. I've had the knee walkers in the past with a previous surgery that had the handle bars. This is a welcome relief to have my hands free! Yay! ?

I am having my fourth foot surgery soon and this time I am ordering my RollerFoot in advance.

Holly Y.


Roller Foot

RollerFoot For Broken Ankle Again

A few years ago my wife used RollerFoot after her foot surgery. Today I fell off the deck and broke my ankle. So, having returned from the emergency room I immediately called and ordered a RollerFoot for my broken ankle. I know very well that I wouldn't be able to function without it.

Michael M.


Roller Foot

RollerFoot Helps Dentist Work

Back in March I had foot surgery and rented a RollerFoot. It was the single most useful thing I had during recovery. I am a dentist and thanks to RollerFoot I did not miss a day of work. In August I will be having another foot surgery and this time was considering to purchase a RollerFoot.

Andrew S., D.D.S.

New Hartford and Herkimer, NY

Roller Foot

RollerFoot Frees Hands For A Billiards Pro

RollerFoot has been a lifesaver in my rehab process while I am healing from torn Achilles tendon. RollerFoot allows me full use of my hands, something that crutches or the "Steerable" knee scooters do not. I don't know what I would do without the RollerFoot. I thought I was going to have to take a break from Pool and Trick Shots, until I found the RollerFoot. If some of you work standing up and have suffered a foot injury or surgery, RollerFoot is your best option.

Jason - The Michigan Kid - Lynch

Professional Billiards Trick Shot Artist. Ranked World's 15th.

Roller Foot

3-time Wildflower Triathlon Champion

A professional triathlete, Jesse broke a bone in his foot during a Wildflower thriathlon race. The navicular stress fracture required a surgery on his foot. Here Jesse after the operation uses RollerFoot while recuperating at home during his non-weight bearing period. RollerFoot also provides him necessary exercise for the upper leg muscles that later will help in getting back his top athletic shape.

Jesse Thomas is a 3-time Wildflower Triathlon Champion.

Jesse Thomas


Roller Foot

Following the ankle surgery I had to be back to work within days. I needed a mobility device during the non-weight bearing period that would be easy to use and allow me to remain functional in my duties as a physician. I first got a walking crutch, but quickly discovered that it was awkward to use and would not serve the purpose.Then I found RollerFoot knee walker on YouTube and ordered it through the RollerFoot website. What a difference RollerFoot has made for me! It was really easy in use, small, light and freed up my hands. It allowed me to work at the hospital the whole day, move from room to room to see my patients while holding the charts and the clip board in my hands. I even took RollerFoot to the operating room! There was no way I could have done even part of that on crutches!RollerFoot enabled me to maintain my daily routine. I successfully used it at home, for going out to eat at restaurants, for shopping and at church.The best features of RollerFoot: quick and easy transition from seating to standing position, or from walking to seating; your injured foot remains elevated at all times, reducing swelling and pain; in seating position you can put your leg up on RollerFoot at a comfortable level; and, of course, having hands free to carry things. RollerFoot engages lower body and upper leg muscles (hips, buttocks, thighs, etc.) preventing their atrophy. RollerFoot is a lot closer to walking than crutches. It is also easy to use in the bathroom.This has been a great product and a life saver at work. I can’t say enough good things about it. I am so grateful that I found RollerFoot on the internet. I would be happy to help you with marketing from the medical side. Use me as a reference anytime.

Dr. Maura C.

Clinical physician in Tennessee

Roller Foot

Knee Walkers

I quickly decided crutches are not working for me and searched for something that would help me maintain my independence while my foot healed.

I looked at knee walkers but they wouldn’t leave me hands free. The RollerFoot looked like a good solution but I was concerned I might not be able to use it. I decided to try. After a little practice, I found it was easy to use.

The RollerFoot allowed me to work without asking for help all the time, go grocery shopping, prepare meals and do housework. I rolled down and up the ramp in my garage without any problem. I loved using it at the grocery store because I could really fly while holding on to the cart!

I know the RollerFoot helped me achieve my goal of maintaining my independence and made my recovery easier. I would encourage you to give it a try.

I think the RollerFoot is a great product that could benefit a lot of people. I wish you success in promoting it.

Kathy J.

Banker in Wisconsin

Roller Foot

I love RollerFoot and it is allowing me to work and take care of my three young daughters. Also, my oldest daughter broke her arm and had to have surgery at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. So RollerFoot was modeled on the orthopedic ward of children’s hospital where it got many oos and ahs. I am an E.R. Doctor and all my patients love RollerFoot. I gave RollerFoot website to a lady from Ohio last night whose left ankle comminuted fracture dislocation I reduced (while I was standing on RollerFoot!).

Dr. Lisa B.

Emergency Room Doctor in Pennsylvania

Roller Foot

One more satisfied patient

Thanks again for your wonderful product, I had a lot of people ask me about RollerFoot, and I praised your company.

from email of Dorothy K. (CT)

Roller Foot

My Awesome RollerFoot!!!!!!!

I've been using my RollerFoot now for a week and I absolutely LOVE it!! I'm working from home for the next 3-4 weeks, and being at home alone I don't know what I would have done without it. I can't believe more people don't know about this. Everyone who sees it is just amazed by it. Since my right foot was the one I had surgery on, I can't drive right now, but my husband has taken me out to eat and to my daughter's school. I use the handicap ramps to ride my RollerFoot up and it's wonderful. People stop me constantly asking questions about it. I get lots of stares too. There is really nothing much I can't do around the house, laundry, fix light meals, etc. I could have never done all this on crutches. I can even take my two little wiener dogs out to potty during the day on leashes, as long as I stay on the concrete. I go to my next doctor visit a week from today and I plan to have my RollerFoot to show them. They originally suggested at knee scooter, but my RollerFoot is totally hands free, and that's what a busy wife and mom needs. I'll even be able to attend church on Sunday now!!

I just wanted to share with you how pleased I am with this product. I will definitely rent it again if I have to have any more foot surgery and will recommend it to everyone. It's a shame more people don't know about it.

Becky K

South Carolina

Roller Foot

RollerFoot on Stage!

Mo used RollerFoot on stage in a musical. In this video, Mo has a foot trauma, is non-weight bearing and has a cast on his leg. He is using RollerFoot to be able to perform without crutches, totally hands free! He did great and was the talk of the show. Mo was able to spin forward and backward, dance, even down the ramp and a kickline. It is an awesome device you have created!

Sharon D.


Roller Foot

Jones Fracture Patient

I broke my left foot over a month ago (the dreaded "Jones Fracture") and have been in a cast and non-weight bearing ever since. As a busy working mother with two young children, I honestly don't think I could be getting through this difficult time without my hands free RollerFoot.

Since I am facing a prolonged healing period, I decided to purchase my rental RollerFoot.

The RollerFoot has been instrumental in allowing me to maintain my independence and take care of my children.

Marian R.

Maplewood, NJ

Roller Foot

RollerFoot Provides Hands Free Relief for Achilles Tendon Recovery

Dude. Got the RollerFoot today. F**g awesome product. Within 10 minutes of getting the RollerFoot I was helping my wife cook breakfast and playing with my little daughter again! Thanks for improving the quality of life for me instantly! Brilliant. Cheers.
Two months later:
Thanks again for a great product and for making my life MUCH easier the last few months of during my Achilles tendon recovery. Its amazing how little crutch technology has progressed over the last few decades. I was shocked at how many times I was approached on the street or in the hospital as if I was the first one to own an piece of new technology. People would ask “where did you get that!?” and “man I was on crutches for 3 months after breaking my leg…!” and so on. Even doctors would be surprised to see the RollerFoot.

George - Achilles Tendon Patient

Berkeley, CA

Roller Foot

Mother of a 3 year old daughterI fell on the basement steps, broke my toe, ended up in an ankle-high cast and a pair of crutches. Getting around the house with the hurting toe on crutches was really difficult and painful on the armpits and palms. Especially challenging on crutches was taking care of my little daughter.RollerFoot gave me the ability to get through the non weight bearing days easier. I even took RollerFoot to the follow up appointment with my doctor. At the hospital the staff, nurses and the doctor felt that RollerFoot was really cool. I was able to go up and down the ramps inside and outside the hospital building.

Roller Foot

Basketball Foot InjuryHere is a great example of how RollerFoot works for a basketball foot injury. Malcolm Brogdon, guard on the University of Virginia basketball team the Cavaliers, sustained a broken bone in his left foot in February 2012. He had a surgery and got a cast. During recovery Malcolm was using RollerFoot for several weeks to keep his leg and other body muscles exercised which also allowed him to attend team practice. Here Malcolm is captured on the RollerFoot in a gym, with a ball, shooting the hoop.

Roller Foot

Ruptured Achilles tendon and needed a way to get from a surgical scrub sink into surgery without contaminating hands once they are scrubbed (as crutches would not work and will contaminate hands). Had to perform several surgeries twice a week during the time when I couldn’t put weight on my bad foot. RollerFoot knee walker has been very helpful during my Achilles tendon recovery for 6 weeks. I used RollerFoot in the operating room and it allowed me to continue my practice whereas with crutches it would have been totally impossible.

Dr. Stephen A.

Foot and ankle surgeon in Wisconsin

Roller Foot

I had ankle reconstruction surgery and after a week I was looking for a substitute for crutches. I wasn’t sure if I was looking for something like a knee walker, or another alternative. I just wanted something that provides a hands-free alternative to crutches.

Then a co-worker suggested RollerFoot. I immediately rented it and enjoyed it from Day 1. What an amazing contraption! It was the hands-free alternative I was looking for, without having to use traditional crutches! My leg fit comfortably and secure on the pad, my hands free from crutches, and turning is easy in whatever direction I needed to go.

By the end of my first week of use, I took RollerFoot with us on vacation to Florida. I was able to handle our baggage and get to the rental car just fine. I couldn’t imagine doing all of that with traditional crutches.

At the resort I used RollerFoot extensively. I took it to the streets, rolling painlessly in and out of stores and restaurants. I had many people stopped and talked to me about RollerFoot.

Back home again I used RollerFoot everywhere – grocery stores, mall, around the block for exercise, and, of course, at the house. I was on my RollerFoot rolling knee walker when I went to my final appointment with my foot surgeon. I told the doctor and his physical therapists that I benefited greatly from using RollerFoot, and that Orthopedists should recommend it as an alternative to traditional crutches and knee walkers. My doctor agreed with me.

All capable patients who have active lifestyles and want their hands free from crutches will benefit from this product like I did.

Tom T.

Plant supervisor and basketball referee

Roller Foot

I used both RollerFoot and iWalk-Free and can testify that RollerFoot beats iWalk-Free hands down. Being a big athletic guy that I am I gave both devices a good work-out. I quickly found out that I loved RollerFoot and didn't like the iWalk at all and sent it back the second day. RollerFoot is much easier to get on, it takes only a few seconds where iWalk takes forever to attach. iWalk is very un-natural for walking, even primitive and hard to get accustomed to. RollerFoot is so much easier, smoother, faster and more natural in use. I take RollerFoot everywhere I go - work, to the mall, restaurants, movies and I move so easy and fast that everyone around me is amazed. I just love RollerFoot which is giving me the ability to get rid of crutches and move around quickly, but mainly I have my hands free! RollerFoot is small and light so I can just through it in the car on the seat next to me and jump right on it when I get out in a snap. Because of its elegant look, RollerFoot is fun to take to social events for a little show off. I also showed RollerFoot to my orthopedic doctor and he liked it. Watch me exercise my injured leg on RollerFoot in a gym.

Vincent F.


Roller Foot

My experience on RollerFoot

First day went very well. I am very pleased with my increased mobility. I have been using a traditional knee scooter for the last 3 weeks. RollerFoot works much better. In the end I loved the RollerFoot, I had so many people asking me about it that I felt you should have been paying me for social marketing. It was a big hit at Home Depot and the dog park. In the 3 weeks that I had it, I wore it to The Mendota IL, Sweet Corn Festival, 2 Art Openings, Shopping Malls, Lowe's, Home Depot, Grocery Store, Work everyday, Cat Clinic and taught a street chalk painting workshop. Everyone asked about it. Thank you so much!

Kim S.


Roller Foot

I'm a CNC machinist of high precision parts at a manufacturing facility. I use RollerFoot at the plant because I need to be standing with my hands free at the machine while setting up and checking parts. I'm rolling on my RollerFoot around the shop while gathering tools, sending and receiving programs to/from the machines, carrying parts to various inspection equipment and helping others with their projects. All of this would have been totally impossible to do on crutches. RollerFoot works wonderfully for me at work and at home.

Tom M.

Tucson, Arizona

Roller Foot

I recently broke my ankle, and RollerFoot saved the day. Without RollerFoot I would not have been able to move around my house to cook, clean, or take care of my dog! I would recommend RollerFoot to anyone with an ankle or foot injury.

Joel M.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Roller Foot

I must tell you what a lifesaver RollerFoot has been for me. I had a bunionectomy and will have been in a cast for 6 weeks (non-weight bearing). Crutches are ok, but they tie up your hands so that it’s impossible to carry even a glass of water! The RollerFoot enabled me to work in my kitchen, do laundry, clean, etc. I would have gone insane without RollerFoot. As I might be having my other foot done sometime down the road, I will need the RollerFoot again.

Linda H.

Vancouver, Canada

Roller Foot

The company was very customer service oriented and their product, the Rollerfoot, was exceptional. It made my experience with a broken foot much more acceptable.

Debbie B.

Seattle, Washington

Roller Foot

Used RollerFoot knee walker successfully for many weeks in the office and at home.

Doctor George Diaz


Roller Foot

I first saw RollerFoot™ at a Podiatry conference. Coincidently, at that time I was recovering from a broken ankle and really wanted something better than crutches. So I was intrigued by RollerFoot and eagerly decided to test it.I used RollerFoot™ extensively for over two weeks. I used it at home, at grocery stores, malls and around the block as an exercise in place of jogging.I conclude that RollerFoot™ is really helpful for people with ankle/foot problems during the recovery and rehab periods. During use RollerFoot™ exercises the upper muscles of the injured leg, and truly frees up your hands and enables you to do things totally impossible if using crutches.


An orthopedic sales specialist and an avid runner

Roller Foot

I broke my ankle by slipping on ice. RollerFoot was a great alternative to crutches for 9 weeks, 6 ½ of which I was in a non-weight bearing cast. I could easily maneuver around the house with my hands free to do everyday tasks. I came on RollerFoot for an appointment with my orthopedic doctor and he liked it. I have been able to go to church and grocery stores on RollerFoot. I even went on a retreat for a week-end and was able to fully participate. Crutches would have not allowed me to do any of this. I do recommend RollerFoot rolling knee walker to anyone who wants to stay active during recovery from ankle trauma.


Registered Nurse for 30 yrs

Roller Foot

I broke my ankle at the dog park early this winter. The doctor put me in an orthopedic boot and sent me home with crutches. I quickly discovered I didn’t have the upper body strength to handle crutches. Teaching at the University requires a lot of moving around and I also have a very busy family life. So relying on crutches just didn’t work for me.

I found RollerFoot knee walker by searching the internet, saw the RollerFoot videos where patients are able to roll around and have their hands free. Using the contact information from the web site I arranged for delivery of the RollerFoot to the University. I tried it in the environment where I needed it the most, getting from the parking garage to my office, going to various lecture halls, in and out of the elevators.

RollerFoot worked like a charm for me for several weeks and was a true life saver. It allowed me to continue teaching my courses, standing in front of the lecture hall for long periods of time. RollerFoot was a tremendous help shopping! You have your hands free to pick up items and pushing the cart was easy. On RollerFoot I could roll down a grocery aisle faster than walking behind a shopping cart. When I was using RollerFoot, many of my students and colleagues commented on how effective I was at getting around campus (and I’m not highly athletic).

RollerFoot is a great device. I showed it to my orthopedic surgeon and he was impressed. I highly recommend RollerFoot to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life during the non-weight bearing period.

Janice B.

Professor, University of Wisconsin

Roller Foot

Broken Ankle

I had a broken ankle while working in the yard. After the surgery I had a soft cast and was non weight bearing for 5 weeks. Using crutches was really bad. RollerFoot™ allowed me to do a lot of things that on crutches would have been impossible. I was able to get my son ready for school in the morning, bring him clothes, prepare breakfast and go around the house doing a million of other things.

I took RollerFoot™ on my visit to the doctor and he thought it was great.

RollerFoot™ enabled me to return to work quickly and stay productive the entire day. I could use my both hands to carry boxes to fill the orders, I was able to move around the office with ease and accomplish a lot of tasks. I took RollerFoot™ with me to our remotely located store a few hundred miles away and used RollerFoot™ to set up the store on time for the season.

I would definitely recommend RollerFoot™ to anyone who needs to get things done.

Audrey K.

Business owner and mother

Roller Foot

I want you to know what a terrific help the Rollerfoot was in my recovery from a broken foot. I was in a non-walking cast for four weeks and needed to keep the foot elevated. I didn't do well on crutches and after four days on them and a few stumbles onto my broken foot, I found your website. The Rollerfoot helped me to get my mobility back. I was able to get my own food and drink and move around the house pretty freely. The Rollerfoot kept my foot elevated and safe so I didn't reinjure it. Most of all, it improved my spirits immensely, I had freedom inside my own home and didn't feel so helpless. Thank you for this terrific product.


Albany, New York

Q & A
Here are some typical questions customers ask about RollerFoot hands-free knee scooter.

Who benefits the most from the RollerFoot hands-free knee scooter?

RollerFoot is best suited for physically able people after a foot or ankle trauma, or surgery, amputees, etc. People who would like to stay active and productive during the non-weight bearing period of six or more weeks, who would like to use both hands to work, and not for supporting their body in the upright position.

What are the benefits or advantages of the RollerFoot compared to a regular steerable knee walker scooter?

RollerFoot has a HUGE ADVANTAGE over the regular knee walkers carts – it frees up your both hands from steering handlebars so you can use your hands for productive work. On the RollerFoot you can carry almost anything in both hands – from small and delicate (like a baby or a cup of coffee) to large and heavy (like a Chrystal vase with two dozen roses). See our videos. All regular steerable knee scooters walkers carts have a handlebar.

A person must hold on to it during movement; this way, his hands are occupied. To carry things around, these carts must have a small basket in front, which makes them bigger and less maneuverable, and, frankly, look a little funny….. RollerFoot, on the other hand, is attached to your leg, and steering is done by the knee. RollerFoot can turn on the spot in tight places like the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, and similar tight places. You need to lift a steerable cart to turn on the spot, and generally, the carts are 2 to 3 times longer than the RollerFoot.

RollerFoot is the smallest and lightest knee scooter walker on the market today. It is best used in tight spaces at home, at work, in office, public places. Or outside. One can carry RollerFoot in one hand. It easily fits in the front seat of the car or next to it.

How do you steer the RollerFoot without the handlebar?

Since the RollerFoot is strapped to your leg, and the front wheels freely rotate, you steer it by pointing with your knee pointing the knee the front wheels rotate easily to where you need to go and the device to where you need to go.

Is RollerFoot safe and stable?

When used as recommended RollerFoot is stable and safe. The patient must have a regular sense of coordination and balance. As with any other mobility device, you need to use common sense and caution. We provide an instructional video of how to effectively and safely use the RollerFoot, and people usually are rolling around within a few minutes after watching it. Watch our clients using RollerFoot.

Why does RollerFoot have no brakes?

RollerFoot does not need a brake because it is attached to your leg. It becomes part of an extension of your leg and thus is controlled by your leg. Does your leg need a brake? RollerFoot is small and light and easy to control by your upper leg muscles.  All other knee walkers scooter steerable carts must have a brake because they are vehicles, they are large and heavy, and you must ride on it, sometimes very fast, so you must stop that machine somehow. The RollerFoot is best in small spaces of your home and office.  Why do you need brakes there? See our discussion on this topic in the blog.

Does the RollerFoot have a good cushion under the knee?

Yes, the RollerFoot has a unique thick cushion made out of shock-absorbing gel inside a leather casing. This provides the best available cushioning on the market. Nothing is ideal when it comes to bearing your weight on one knee. Every user of any scooter complains about cushioning. No matter how thick or how soft the cushion is, your knee will be sore. You just have to cope with it, do not overdo standing for too long, know your limits, take rests every now and then as needed.

Is RollerFoot height-adjustable?

Yes, the RollerFoot can be adjusted to the height of any adult from small to tall. See the height specification here. The three fixed heights of the unit cover the entire height range of the adult population. A two-inch spacer is installed between the top and the bottom parts to make the device taller. Depending on the particular person’s height, there are maybe one or two inserts installed. For more on height adjustment, see our blog post here.

Is RollerFoot covered by the insurance?

Not directly. The RollerFoot, if prescribed by your doctor, can be covered by medical insurance, depending on your particular plan. In most cases, patients pay out of pocket for the purchase or rent of the RollerFoot and then submit their expenses for reimbursement to the insurance company.

Is RollerFoot covered by Medicare?

No. Like all other knee walkers or scooters, RollerFoot is not covered by Medicare.

Do you process medical insurance?

No, we do not. The patient first pays for the RollerFoot and then submits the receipts and the doctor’s prescription, if available, to the insurance company. Depending on the plan for the use of durable medical equipment, the coverage is determined at that point.

Should I rent or purchase a RollerFoot?

Depending on your situation, you can either rent or purchase the RollerFoot. Generally speaking, if you are going to be non-weight bearing for less than six weeks, you’re better off renting. On the other hand, if you plan to be non-weight-bearing for a couple of months or longer, or going for multiple surgeries, then purchasing will cost you less. And the current rental and purchase prices, eight weeks of rental, equals the purchase price of a new RollerFoot.

Can I try RollerFoot before I spend money?

Yes, each rental or purchase has a two day trial period. If you inform us during that time that you would like to return it, you will receive a full rental or purchase refund.

Is there a deposit for a rental?

Yes, there is a rental security deposit of $100. Normally the deposit is fully refundable at the end of the rental.

Does the patient pay for the shipment?

Yes. Our patients usually need the RollerFoot right away, so it is shipped fully assembled in a sizable box via UPS, often by expedited delivery. It costs money. But most of the time, we ship UPS Ground for $29 anywhere in the US.

How soon can I get my RollerFoot?

Usually, within 2 to 5 days. We normally ship the same day we receive the order. So it’s important to complete the order and payment before 2 p.m. Central Time. Depending on how far your destination is from Wisconsin, it may take up to a week by UPS Ground ($29). If your need is urgent, overnight delivery is also available, but it will cost much more.

How should I return the RollerFoot at the end of rental?

At the end of your rental, you simply place the unit inside the box that it came in and ship it back to us either by UPS ground or by regular mail. The return address is usually on the box. You can also find the return address on our website under contact – rental returns.

When does my rental start and stop?

Your rental starts when the unit is delivered to you and ends when you ship it back to us. The time in transition does not count as rental time.

What RollerFoot colors can I choose?

For rental, the color is limited, usually to gray. But for purchase, there is a choice of six colors from light gray two black-brown, and even pink. The best way to choose is to look on the website under Features.