RollerFoot Featured On NBC TV

Staying Mobile After Foot Surgery

Anyone who’s had foot surgery for trauma or bunions knows what a pain it can be to get around without putting weight on your foot. In addition, most methods tie up your hands and make accomplishing daily activities difficult. That’s why we’re really excited to introduce you to RollerFoot! It provides smooth mobility with no weight on your foot, all while keeping your hands free!

Small Size of RollerFoot Ideal For Home

The following RollerFoot videos show how easy it is to use the RollerFoot at home, where space is limited. With your foot in cast and non-weight bearing, RollerFoot knee scooter makes your both hands free from crutches (or from handle bars of the steerable knee walkers) and allows you to easily move around the small space of your kitchen and do things the normal way again. RollerFoot is simply the best for use in small rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms. More videos can be found on our RollerFoot Hands Free Knee Scooter Channel.

RollerFoot Great In Office & Outside

You don’t miss work with RollerFoot! Watch these RollerFoot videos to see how handy the RollerFoot is in office, at the grocery store and on the ramp outside a building.  Notice how easy it is to carry and pick up things from the floor with both hands. Pushing grocery cart is effortless and even fun, and using the ramp is done simply by walking up or down with or without holding  on to the rail. And all of this is while your injured foot is elevated and no weight bearing! Owners of small business like stores, beauty shops, restaurants, bars, can return to work without damaging the foot in cast or productivity of the business. More videos can be found on our RollerFoot Hands Free Knee Scooter Channel.