RollerFoot Rent


$56/week based on a 3-week rental


Terms of rent knee walker RollerFoot:

1) Rental is purchased in 3-week increments and begins with the initial 3-week rental period.

2) A Rental Security Deposit of $100 is required for all rentals. A separate invoice will be sent through PayPal for payment before the unit is shipped to the customer. We will refund the Deposit after the unit is returned in satisfactory condition and there are no outstanding rental charges.

3) Additional 3-weeks of rental can be purchased through this site, or we will send an invoice via PayPal to cover every subsequent 3 weeks.

4) After the initial 3-week period the rental switches to a day-to-day basis, meaning the charges stop on the day the unit is shipped back to Step Dynamics. The pre-paid but unused rental time will be refunded to the patient. Time in transit (in shipment) is excluded from the billable rental time.

5) Return and Refund Policy: Rental customers can return the RollerFoot for a full refund during the initial rental period if they notify Step Dynamics in writing within 2 days following the delivery of the unit and if they ship the unit back within 3 days of delivery. Once Step Dynamics receives the unit and determines that it is in acceptable condition, the rental payment and the Rental Security Deposit will be refunded through PayPal within 5 business days. After the first 2 days, there are no refunds of the rental fee for the initial rental period.

Additional information

User Height Range

5’2” to 5’8”, 5’8” to 6’3”, 6’2” to 6’7”

Number of weeks

Initial rental period 3 weeks